Vexcor Chair Essa Rompkin at Vexcor Technologies headquarters, Cape City.

Running short of options, Essa Rompkin.

Vexcor Chair Essa Rompkin.

Michelle Burgers
as Essa Rompkin

Essa Rompkin

Essa started working at Vexcor right out of corporate business graduate school, and soon after began an affair with 01's father, an affair that continues to this day. As Brion Boxer's health deteriorated, he placed his trust in her, and Essa's career soared. Now, at 33, she is the Chairman of the Board of Vexcor Corporation - the largest, most powerful corporation in Cape City. At the snap of her fingers she can buy a multinational corporation, bankrupt another, or have a division of people fired. She answers only to the Board of Directors, and to Brion, her dying lover and mentor.

Unlike her nemesis and archrival 01 Boxer, Essa is neither explosive nor unpredictable. A tactician, she's cold and calculating - a master manipulator who is always planning two steps ahead. Though Brion Boxer created her - made her the most powerful person in Alphaverse - she never felt that her fate was in her own hands, a victim of her own.

As the series begins, Essa is in charge as Vexcor finds its trans-universal ambitions foiled, and its scientists divided by universes no longer connected. Against her judgement, she is forced to rely on 01 Boxer, the rightful heir to the Vexcor empire, for help. Rompkin fears 01, and knows she can't trust him, but only he can move freely among the universes. Only he can repair the damage that's been done. Neither Vexcor, nor Essa, has ever been so vulnerable.

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