Charlie and Blues enjoy a brief reunion in Betaverse before Charlie is lured back to Alphaverse where - in a defiant act of betrayal - 01 has launched the deadly link between the parallel universes. While Charlie struggles to find a way to stop him, his friends back in Betaverse track down the three Vexcor technicians who can help them shut down the operation. In a sudden twist, Reena decides to take matters into her own hands with a plan that would destroy Alphaverse, but save her own beloved Gamma. By now, Charlie and 01 have been transported to Linkspace, a surreal netherworld that connects the three universes. As the adversaries engage in deadly combat, their souls are put on trial and weighed in the balance.

Essa's sorrow over the death of her lover, quickly turns to rage at 01 whom she holds responsible for Brion's death. Even without proof of the crime, she orders Tukarrs to throw 01 in jail - unaware that Brion has willed control of the company to his son. As Essa starts the countdown that will put the deadly new link on-line, Charlie comes clean with Tukarrs about where he's been and what he knows about Krogg's report, convincing him that 01 is their best ally to stop the linkup. Together they hatch a plot to free him by implicating Essa in the disappearance and murder of the Vexcor employees she used to keep Brion alive. In exchange for his freedom, 01 promises to shut down the link. Meanwhile, Charlie and Jasmine's relationship is at a crossroads.

When Charlie was trapped in Betaverse, all he wanted was to get back to Alphaverse and Jasmine. But now that he's home, the once dispassionate detective worries about his friends back in Betaverse. Charlie knows if Vexcor's Link goes up, Betaverse will disappear and Lubinsky and Blues will die. In a moment of reflection, Charlie relays the details of an old investigation as a way to tell Blues about the prevailing corruption and immorality of Alphaverse. He'd forgotten what this cold bleak world was like, but now he knows he can no longer stay there. Meanwhile, still mourning the horrendous loss of his family at his father's hands, 01 is pursued and threatened by Rian Clucas, head of one of Vexcor's biggest competitors.

When Charlie finds himself in the spoiled sands of Cape City, he contacts his friend Papa Louis for help in tracking down Jasmine. But when Charlie inadvertently mentions Cape Town, the ever-present Ectoskin registers the forbidden words and Papa Louis is quickly nabbed by Vexcor security. She is accused of Breach of Corporate Confidentiality and is scheduled for televised execution. There's nothing Charlie - or Sew Sew Tukarrs for that matter - can do to save her. But, in a risky meeting cooked up by Sew Sew, Charlie tells his ill-fated friend about Vexcor's crimes against the world. When Papa Louis exposes the corruption on national television, Essa Rompkin calls a press conference and deftly puts a positive spin on the damaging exposť. Meanwhile, his time nearly up, ailing Brion Boxer travels to Gammaverse and kills 01's beloved family. Enraged at the murder of his family, 01 kills his father.

In this recap special, Karl Lubinsky recalls how his life has changed since he first encountered our hero, Charlie Jade.

With the genetically enhanced hunter ever on his trail, Charlie seeks help from a Muti shaman for his debilitating visions. The exercise takes him into the desert to find young Jody and, finally, to the shocking realization that by embracing the visions he can travel whenever and wherever he wants. By the time the hunter tracks Charlie to the desert, Charlie has gone on to a world far beyond her reach. Meanwhile, haunted by the insidious programmed personality buried within her, Reena turns to Lubinsky for help. Compassion outweighing fear, Lubinsky sends her to see 01 Boxer for exorcism. Reena is stunned to learn that the great man she knew from Gammaverse is in Betaverse, but when she meets him at The Glass Door, she gets neither the welcome nor the help she'd hoped for. Back in Alphaverse, Tukarrs' search for the truth about the missing Vexcor executives jeopardizes his budding relationship with Jasmine. Directed by series creator, Robert Wertheimer.

Blues knows she should arrest Charlie for his deceit, but what she really wants is for this intriguing man to pull back the curtain on Vexcor. As they peel back the layers of the Vexcor machine together, Charlie and Blues are drawn to each other - until one fated "morning-after" when Blues saves Charlie from Vexcor's hired genetically modified hunter, Shikari. Charlie decides to tell all - leaving Blues to wonder if Charlie is insane, or the information in Krogg's report is true. Meanwhile, Lubinsky convinces Reena that she's been embedded with a computer program that takes her over. So she hunts down and shoots Malachi, the man she holds responsible. But things are not as they seem: Reena's gun has not been fired, and Malachi is not dead. It seems the program's failsafe has worked as planned. Meanwhile, Sew Sew Tukarrs confronts Essa Rompkin with his theory about the missing Vexcor executives - that she murdered them to provide Brion Boxer his life-saving blood transfusions. But Essa knows about his relationship with Jasmine, a C3 with an illegal chip upgrade, and blackmails Tukarrs into joining Vexcor security rather than risk Jasmine's exposure.

Lubinsky convinces Charlie to seek out Norman Ord, a frightened Company executive who originated some leaked documents about Vexcor's corrupt environmental track record. When Charlie learns that Ord's been working with Reena, he tracks down the "New Face of Terror" - but not before she kills Porter and the security team who have been on her tail since finding a sophisticated explosive device in the Vexcor boardroom. At first, Charlie believes he has a new ally in the war against Vexcor, but Reena's behaviour suddenly takes a violent turn. From his own days in the Alphaverse military, Charlie realizes she's been programmed with the embedded personality of a fierce killer with a hidden agenda and, until he can figure out a way to circumvent the programming, she must be considered a danger to all in her path.

In a cat and mouse game between captor and captive, Charlie is enraged by 01's web of lies, half truths and distortions. But in getting at the truth, Charlie realizes that while 01 is not an ally, neither is he an enemy. In fact, he's just an evil bastard who's done more to hurt Vexcor than either Charlie or Lubinsky combined. Meanwhile, when Reena discovers neurotic executive Norman Ord plotting to betray the Company, she blackmails him into revealing Vexcor's secrets or risk exposure. Back in Alphaverse, Jasmine is forced to return to her old life of prostitution after rejecting Detective Tukarrs' offer to help. But when a client pushes her to the edge, she lashes out with pent up rage.

Lubinsky reminds Charlie that Gemma risked her life to save him because she knew he could stop Vexcor powering up the Link that would destroy Betaverse. But Charlie is torn between his obligation to save Beta, and getting back home to Jasmine. Now 01 is a hunted man: Charlie thinks he may be the one person who can transport him home; and Vexcor just wants to kill him. But 01 has just been picked up for the murder of a bar patron and has landed in police custody. While Porter hatches a plot to transfer him out for his own nefarious reasons, Charlie masquerades as an FBI agent and convinces Inspector Blues Paddock that he's been assigned to take the known terrorist in for questioning. Blues catches Charlie in his lie; and soon after, a squadron of Vexcor henchmen posing as police open fire inside the police station. Charlie sees his chance to nab 01 and rush him into Lubinsky's waiting vehicle. Meanwhile, Reena is privy to a heated power struggle between Porter and Galt, but her proximity to the heart of Vexcor triggers a series of tormented dreams as she wrestles over her mission to take down the Company.

When Charlie tracks down his soulmate Gemma standing awestruck on a dry up lake bed after witnessing the water disappear, he tells her about 01 Boxer's ability to use water as a medium to travel between universes, and wins her trust by convincing her that he, too, is a Vexcor employee. When Gemma reports the phenomenon, and the rumours about 01 to Julius Galt, she starts to doubt her boss has the company's best interests at heart. So she teams with Lubinsky in an ill-fated plan to help Charlie break into Galt's boardroom to search for answers. After a long convalescence in Gammaverse, 01 returns to Betaverse to find that his absence has made him the prime suspect in the death of the bar patron that was killed in the same gunfire that wounded him.

While trying to secure a fake ID, Charlie discovers that Gemma Gitano, his soulmate from his orphan days in Cape City, is working for Galt as a hydrologist on the Vexcor facility reconstruction. When Galt and Porter get wind that Charlie is on her trail, they see it as an opportunity to finally nail the elusive detective. Meanwhile, Gemma is more concerned about a strange fluctuation in water levels at the Vexcor facility. When a pool of foul water in Gammaverse alerts 01 to brewing trouble, he knows its time to leave his family and return to the game. But his wounds have left him with an altered molecular structure, and unable to travel easily between worlds. Back in Alphaverse, Detective Tukarrs confronts Rompkin with new evidence about missing Vexcor employees that only she knows are trapped in Betaverse. Reena infiltrates Vexcor as a hired messenger.

Seriously wounded when a hit man peppered his club with gunfire, 01 escapes to a beautiful beach in Gammaverse and back into the secret home of his wife and children. Meanwhile, Charlie goes undercover to check out his suspicions that Vexcor is building a mysterious underground facility, but he's placed in the corporation's crosshairs when Karl Lubinsky is captured by Ren Porter and terrorized into telling all about the rogue detective from Alphaverse. As Reena slowly recovers from her ordeals, constant reminders of Vexcor draw her back to her original mission.

Charlie's search for Aliya, a missing Muslim girl, ends when he finds her living a decadent life under the thrall of a much older, charismatic motivational speaker, Mancuso Keyes. Recalling his own early indoctrination at the hands of Vexcor Security, Charlie's understanding of Aliyah's plight is made more acute when he learns that Keyes was hired by Vexcor as an expert in mind control. Meanwhile, when 01 is summoned to Vexcor Alphaverse to give a life-prolonging transfusion to his dying father, Julius Galt and Chief of Security Ren Porter are back in Betaverse planning an attack against 01 and his new Board. When her suicide mission is aborted, Reena is rescued by Rosalie, a compassionate passer-by who offers a safe haven in return for her own assisted suicide.

Charlie's hunt for his artificial diamond ring - stolen from the shop where he pawned it to buy a car - leads him to Eckman, a ruthless diamond merchant who has been quietly manufacturing cultured diamonds for Vexcor. Not only is Eckman undermining the Betaverse diamond industry, but he's unwittingly working with Vexcor to create enough artificial diamond chips to implant in every Betaverse citizen. Soon everyone in Betaverse - like Alphaverse - will be monitored and controlled by the corporation. As Charlie pursues his ring, he's tormented by bitter memories of his days as a loyal soldier with Vexcor Special Ops. Brainwashed by Malachi, Reena's allegiance to the terrorist cell is put to the test when she's rigged up as a suicide bomber and sent into a daycare to murder Vexcor's Chairman Julius Galt, the father of one of the children.

Charlie's hunt for missing civil rights crusader Themba Makande takes him into the world of Muti Healers where the poor are murdered for the black market value of their organs. Meanwhile, 01 forces Galt to admit that the recent blackouts throughout Cape Town are a result of Vexcor Betaverse siphoning off the city's power and using it to build a secret underground link to Alphaverse. When Charlie gets wind of the plan, he sees the link as his ticket home - but he also suspects that 01 will try to destroy the link before it ever goes online. While Reena is being tortured and brainwashed by her wicked captors, Jasmine faces life without Charlie and a return to the toxic industrial ruin that was once her home.

When Charlie sees 01 pour water on his head, then literally vanish before his eyes, his probing into the bizarre incident turns up evidence that contaminated water supplies have induced visions and psychic powers in several residents of the nearby Vexcor facility. Determined to take over Vexcor Betaverse, 01 is back in Alphaverse armed with enough information - gleaned from Krogg's girlfriend, Karen - to have the entire Betaverse board of directors arrested right under Chairman Galt's nose. Meanwhile, Reena is held captive and tortured by her kidnapper, Malachi, who gets her to admit the truth about her involvement in the Vexcor bombing; while down on her luck in Alphaverse, Jasmine receives a crystal hologram that leads her to believe Charlie is dead.

In the prevailing atmosphere of anxiety, the blame for the explosion is fixed on Reena and her presumed accomplice, the now deceased scientist, Elliot Krogg. With Krogg out of the picture, Reena is hunted down and beaten, then reported to the Cape Town SWAT Forces by a tending ambulance driver who recognizes her from the news. But calls to the Force are monitored by a mysterious terrorist cell, and by the time the police get to the apartment where she was being held, the ambulance driver is dead, and Reena is gone. Meanwhile, in his bid to take over Vexcor's Betaverse operations, 01 stays a step ahead of Charlie and Lubinsky when he orders his thugs to drug Krogg's girlfriend, Karen, and extract the information needed to implicate the board of directors in the Vexcor bombing.

Charlie reluctantly helps journalist Karl Lubinsky in a search for the truth about the Vexcor explosion. But unlike Lubinsky, Charlie is not motivated by the wish to right corporate wrongs; he just wants to solve the mystery, then find his way home to Jasmine. Their investigation leads to Elliot Krogg, the Vexcor scientist believed to be responsible for the bombing. But by the time they get to Krogg's hideout, his girlfriend has been drugged into submission, and Krogg has been flushed out and murdered by the sadistic 01 Boxer. Meanwhile, Reena is holed up in a seedy Cape Town motel. Guilt ridden about her role in the explosion, and heartbroken over the death of her lover in the blast, she struggles to survive by robbing Vexcor executives of their cash and ID. But when her image is caught on a surveillance camera, 01 strong-arms Vexcor's Betaverse Chairman Julius Galt into taking it to the press. Her picture everywhere, Reena is branded as "The New Face of Terror."

Caught in an hallucinogenic state after an explosion propels him into a parallel universe, Charlie Jade dreams he's back home in Cape City with his girlfriend, Jasmine. But he's quickly snapped out of his erotic reverie by Jody, a young evacuee of the desert calamity, and suddenly finds himself in a world that seems oddly off kilter. At a makeshift refugee camp, Charlie meets Karl Lubinsky, an investigative journalist who doesn't buy into Vexcor's slick spin doctoring of the circumstances surrounding the explosion. Lubinsky vows to uncover the truth about the catastrophe - and about Vexcor's elusive business - and drags a reluctant Charlie along for the ride.

Detective Charlie Jade is on the hunt for 01 Boxer, the suspected killer of a mysterious woman with no identity, and the son of Brion Boxer, the founder of Vexcor - the largest and greediest multinational in Alphaverse. The trail leads Charlie straight to Vexcor's facility, secreted away in the desert wasteland. As he surveys the ominous scene, terrorists Reena and her lover, Bern, plant a bomb at the base of an identical facility in their utopian world of Gammaverse. In a massive explosion that vaporizes the entire operation, Charlie and, Reena, are propelled out of their own worlds - and into a third parallel universe known as Betaverse.

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