Reena in her native Gammaverse.

Reena turns to Gordon Bolt for help.

Her fight to survive in Betaverse starts to affect Reena.

Patricia McKenzie
as Reena


Reena, very bright and very independent, started university at the age of 16, the normal thing to do in her world of Gammaverse. There she met Bern, a social and environmental activist who became her lover, mentor, and the biggest influence in her life. He began to open Reena's mind to a dark and evil force hidden in their midst.

Reena never knew how Bern knew the things he did, or how he had access to what could only have been secret information about secret places. She never asked him about the strange device he asked her to secretly transport with him to the Green Valley Facility - it was a mission of faith. With that faith, she became Bern's accomplice, in terror.

They should have been long gone before the strange device did its work, disrupting the operations of the facility, causing a massive explosion that vaporized the building and everyone in it. What she could not realize is that her actions affected events across three parallel universes at the same instant in time. When she saw Bern gunned down in cold blood, she ran in a wild panic and ended up just far enough away to be swept out of her universe and into ours, just as Charlie was from his.

Trapped, alone, and equipped only with the information she remembers from her dead lover, Reena is left to wander this strange world wracked with the guilt of being responsible for the death of innocent lives lost in the explosion in three universes. In shock and overcome with guilt, and with the blood of hundreds on her hands, she will learn to regret the day she ever heard of Vexcor Corporation. And for their part, Vexcor will have no trouble using Reena as "the new face of terror in our midst".

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