01 Boxer in Gammaverse.

Taking care of business from his Betaverse office, The Glass Door Club.

At Vexcor Technologies headquarters. Cape City, Alphaverse.

Michael Filipowich
as 01 Boxer

01 Boxer

At an early age, 01 Boxer knew his father didn't like him very much. In fact, Brion Boxer never forgave 01 for being born, and for causing his wife to die in childbirth. 01 grew into a bully and a juvenile delinquent.

As he grew, 01 began to unravel the mystery of his father's life. Stealing a key to his locked study at age 12, 01 found his father's journals, and read in amazement about his travels to other universes, how he met his wife, and that his mother was from another world. Fascinated, and determined to strike out on his own, he discovered the machine that his father had first used to cross over to another universe. Secretly, 01 tried it, eventually breaking the universal barrier. A whole new world opened up to him - our universe, the world his mother had come from.

In Betaverse (a label used by company executives), 01 moved like a vampire, avoiding the spotlight, keeping to the seedy underbelly of society, indulging in all of his dark teenage fantasies. Here he could be anyone he wanted to be. Here he could fit right in and still feel smarter than everyone around him, because as he soon realized, his world was more advanced technologically than this neighbouring one.

To his amazement, 01 discovered that his father's company, Vexcor, already had executives openly at work in Betaverse. Their advanced consumer products were very popular, and being so advanced, they destroyed the competition. Contempt for his father turned to admiration as he came to appreciate the massive effort required to launch such an operation in a parallel universe, and to keep it secret from the Board and the general population back home. Now he realized the concept that only one universe existed was a lie.

Then at age 19, something strange and wonderful happened. 01 began to have "visions". With each trip on his father's prototype machine, 01's visions became a little clearer, and he soon realized they weren't visions at all. He was able to see into a parallel universe. What he didn't know was that this early prototype, designed and used by his father had a serious side effect. This flaw, corrected in later models, caused molecular mutation in living organisms. In fact, it had caused the same mutation in 01's father, who had learned to harness this strange "power", and use it to easily step through the universal fabric into another universe without the mechanical assistance still needed by executives of the company. Soon 01 learned to do it too. With this new power, 01 traced his father's footsteps, first to our universe, and then further, to Reena's universe and beyond.

When the explosion destroys all three linked Vexcor facilites at the start of our series, all trans-universal travel and communication is instantly cut off, leaving all Vexcor personnel trapped where they are. Everyone except 01 Boxer, whose molecular mutations still allow him to travel without any mechanical device or assistance. In Alphaverse, Vexcor is thrown into a tailspin, and 01 quickly emerges as the only person who can save the corporation.

He graciously accepts the job, but unknown to the Board of Directors, 01 has a secret plan. His mission to repair the link-up and rescue the company are not what they bargained for, and will alter the course of history in three universes.

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