It's all around us.

Our story is set in The Multiverse - that's the name Brion Boxer gave to the layered system of three (or more) parallel universes he discovered decades ago.

When his Vexcor Corporation began planning intradimensional business opportunities, the company "rebranded" each universe, in the infamous Vexcor Krogg Memo #221.

While only Vexcor employees use the terminology, we invite our viewers to get familiar with the different settings of our story.

Alphaverse is a technologically advanced, capitalist state with a population of twelve billion people. It's a high-tech world gone mad, choking on better, faster, newer technology.

There is no real middle class, just the very rich and everyone else. 1% of the population controls 99% of global wealth. It's a world ruled by money and driven by greed, where borders and countries have become obsolete. Society is controlled by the economic power of a handful of profit-driven multinational corporations.

The cities of Alphaverse are crowded and dirty, the air thick with smog. Poverty and crime are rampant; law enforcement is swift and brutal.

Alphaverse is quickly running out of raw materials and natural resources. You can still buy anything you want, but hyper-inflation keeps everything just beyond the reach of the average working drone.

Betaverse is our universe, our world, one half hour from now.

As far as Vexcor is concerned, the sumulative effect of man's history, culture and economics has driven our world beyond saving. It is considered just a link in the chain to the real target - Gammaverse.

It's a world of capitalist economies and struggling democracies, fallen communist regimes and fanatical religious dictatorships.

A world of overcrowded and polluted cities, vanishing rainforests and dying oceans. A dehumanizing and frustrating world of sensory overload, choking on technology and becoming more like Alphaverse every day.

Gammaverse is an egalitarian state with a population of three billion people. It's a low-tech world of cities no larger than ten thousand people, composed of families no larger than four, a world where there are no rich or poor, only middle class.

The principles of democracy, balance and harmony are revered by its people. Everyone over the age of 17 has the right to vote, and must exercise that right. Gammaverse recently reformed its global democracy government structure, electing the One Globe Authority to standardize all rights and services. Nations and borders did not cease to exist, but "Humanity Codes" standardized society into one global free trade zone with common regulations for customs, economics, immigration and freedoms of movement, education, security, agriculture, welfare regardless of the region.

The atmosphere and oceans of Gammaverse are healthy and unpolluted. Ecological responsibility is built into the sensibilities of all its people. It's a world of equal opportunity and education, a healthy culture with minimal poverty and almost no crime.

But although Gammerverse looks idyllic and serene, it is far from perfect. Behind its peaceful veneer stands a corrupt and powerful bureaucracy, obsessed with curbing overpopulation, and backed by a powerful police force. On the surface, all appears serene, but just below, as with all societies, there are flaws and faults that will destroy the society, if allowed to grow.

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